figuring it out

just trying to do my best.




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A commissioned piece from my WIPs. It still needs shading and all the things that make stuff fancy.

As an extra, under the cut is how my flats look when I’m mapping out separate areas that I can easily select when applying shading. Colors are all garish so I don’t accidentally leave them unedited.

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and make it double

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Result of a "Let's Make an OC" prompt I did on twitter! ♥

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O' Celestial Body, wherefore art thou not Heavenly?

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mto -

Commission for the album cover of BSN13

Had a cool time listening to the music and working on this piece ^v^

Check out the music for yourself:

((This commission was bought with an online marketing license BSN13 might upload these elsewhere))

Sebunnnnnn again. Shes so soft and so cozy.

MIDSOMMAR is fantastic and I highly reccomend you watch it.

This is an alt version of what was posted before. There was no need for me to sketch so small yet I did it anyway. The misguided things we do for art, eh?

Sebun from Beastars! She's all at once who I am and who I want to be.... I love her so much

MIDSOMMAR is fantastic and I highly reccomend you watch it.

I also reccommend not creating your doodles in colours that are super hard on the eyes and then not having the orignal files so you can edit them easily.....

Digital art is a process..

I love love love the Celestial Larvae in Bloodborne. They are the absolute cutest and I cannot get over how they wobble and bob their heads ♡